In July 2015, we held our 1st annual Law Enforcement Marriage Seminar in Olathe, KS. We had about 90 attendees from 30 agencies and 3 states.

In July 2016, we held our 2nd annual Law Enforcement Marriage Seminar, we had over 170 LEOs & their spouses/SOs from 45 agencies and 10 states, at Covering the Homefront.

In July 2017, we had the 3rd annual marriage conference, featuring Lt. Col. Dave Grossman of killology.com & Sheepdog Seminars), Marine Sgt. & Chaplain Jim Bontrager, Elkhart, IN, PD and Dawn Ptaschek, VP of Kansas Chapter of 10-33 Foundation in The Bulletproof Mind & Marriage. Attendance was 250.

In July 2018, we hosted our 4th annual law enforcement conference that featured both national and local LE leaders, speaking on the Battle Behind The Badge. Topics include our identity as a LEO/LEOW (self), how to strengthen our marriage (couple) and encouragement as we parent our children (family) behind the line.  Build lasting friendships with other blue families from across the nation, while gaining practical insight to address the struggles we battle behind the badge.

In July 2019, Midwest Chaplain Association will host the 5th annual LE Conference: Worthy of the Calling, featuring Major Travis Yates of Tulsa, OK PD and founder of Courageous Leadership Institute and Deputy Stacy Ettel, a Florida LEO and executive Director of Law Enforcement Advocacy Network. Their wives will join them to give an inside look into the challenging lives of law enforcement families.

In 2020, Midwest Chaplain Network will host the 6th annual FIRST RESPONDER Conference: A MIGHTY FORTRESS featuring Lt. Jim McNeff (ret. Orange Co, CA SO) and Dr. Jon McNeff, co-authors of Jurisdiction, in addition to Jim's wife, Jamie. We will discuss all things marriage, parenting, conflict, forgiveness, reconciliation and communication. 

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